Mini laptop pc

Each PC maker released small sized & cheap laptop PC one after another since its pioneer "Eee PC" made a mega hit in PC market.
Eee PC is produced by ASUS which is a Taiwanese company.
It was an unprecedented product which made a big topic in the market.
The size is very small(7 inch - 9 inch) and its cheap price gave a shock over the market.(about \50000 = $500)
Because of the price, the performance of this PC was not so excellent at first.
Some geeks enjoyed remodeling it for higher-performance.
After the debut of this sensational PC, many of rival companies like HP, Dell, IBM, NEC...made the same kind of PC.
They have been evolved with more excellent spec and functionality these days.
We're looking forward to the debut of more "sensational" PC in the future.

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