JIN - most popular TV drama of this winter

Each TV station launches new drama series every 3 months.
They compete for "good rating".
So they try to make various kinds of dramas casting popular celebrities to get attention of audience.
However it seems a bit hard these days to make a mega-hit since the audience are tired of stereotypical stories.
This winter, one drama is making a record of high rating.
Its title is "JIN".
It's originally from a comic book series.
The brief summary of the story is like this:
The main character called Jin is a brain surgeon.
His girlfriend is in the vegetative state because of the sergery that Jin performed for her.
One day he operated on a critical patient.
After the operation the patient tried to run away from the hospital and Jin run after him.
They fell down the stairs.
Jin found himself lying in a unknown place when he was conscious again.
He was sent in the ancient time.
He started to save ill people and created still unknown medicine at this time.
But he was caught in a dilemma wondering if he really should do it or not because it might change the history.
He met many people, one of them is the historical important figure.
And he met a prostitute who looks exactly the same as his girlfriend...
The story continues and the higher rating is expected.

Takao Osawa

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The Red and White Singing Contest

It's the pecial TV program on New Year's Eve.
Red means women, and white means men.
So this contest is female singers VS male singers.
They sing the hit songs in the year.
The program starts at around 7 pm and ends at midnight.
At the ending of the program, the winner(red or white) is chosen by the votes from judges in front of the stage and audience.
The judges are celebrities from many fields like showbiz, sports etc...
Right after this program's finished, the New Year comes.
Most of Japanese citizens used to watch this program on New Year's Eve.
Less people watch it these days, but it's still the main program on New Year's Eve.

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