Divorce caused by a simulation game

Love Plus is a game of Nintendo DS released in September 2009.
It's a romance simulation game in which you can enjoy relationship with virtual girls.
For only 2 months it made a mega hit, 150000 are sold.
This game is so well-made that guys tend to be stuck in the virtual world.
You can go out on a date with a girl, walk hand in hand, even kiss her!
A news that a Japanese guy got married with a virtual girl made a topic in American site "Boing Boing" recently.
Also Love Plus causes a trouble on a married couple.
A wife of a 29 year-old husband working as a software engineer left home with a letter and a divorce notice left on a table.
The reason is when they had a quarrel the husband said
"I preffer the virtual girl to welcome me when I get home".
The husband visited the wife and apologized and they made up with each other after all.
How much influence games have on people is now unpredictable...

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