Multi talented soccer player

Hidetoshi Nakata is a multi-talented celebrity.
He's one of the greatest Japanese soccer players.
He used to belong to Italian soccer teams below:
* Perugia Calcio SpA
* Associazione Sportiva Roma 1927 S.p.A.
* Parma Football Club SpA
* Bologna Football Club 1909 s.p.a
* ACF Fiorentina SpA

He always appeared in the big soccer games like World Cup.
What's cool about him is he learned Italian and could answer the interviews in Italian himself without an interpreter.
He retired from soccer in 2006 and began to travel all over the world.
Then he founded the foundation "TAKE ACTION".
The foundation's theme is "One thing for the earth".
He plans charity soccer matches and income is donated for charitable work.
He's also a FIFA goodwill envoy and an executive of the big sweets company "Tohato".
He's a real cool person.

Hidetoshi Nakata

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