Golden week & Silver week

In spring, there is a period when we have consecutive national holidays.
We call it "Golden week".

April 29 - Showa's day(birthday of Showa Emperor)
May 3 - Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 - Greenery Day
May 5 - Children's Day

In fall, there is once again the same kind of period.
According to the news, it is called "Silver week".
(I knew it recently...)

September 21 - Respect-for-the-Aged Day
September 22 - People's Day
September 23 - Automnal Equinox Day

During these periods, many people take days off and have a long holiday.
Summer vacation in August is common in most countries, but these Golden & Silver weeks are particular in Japan.
So it's nice to travel abroad during these holidays but plane tickets for these periods are sold out as soon as they are on sale.
This indicates how much Japanese people like to go abroad on holidays...
Is there any particular holiday like this abroad?

Golden Week

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