Herbivorous guys & Carnivorous girls

"Soushokukei dansi"(= Herbivorous guys) is a popular word in Japan these days.
This means "guys who are absolutely passive about love or girls".
Herbivorous guys don't ask girls to go out for date or anything.
They have no passion or inpulse for love.
On the other hand, "Nikushokukei josi"(= Carnivorous girls) is often heard as well.
It means "girls who are absolutely active about love or guys"
They behave aggressively when they want a guy.
The reason why these words are popular is there are many this kind of guys & girls.
This is very interesting and at the same time very shameful.
My personal opinion is guys should ask girls.
This may be an old idea though...

Soshokukei danshi & Nikushokukei joshi japanmylove-blog.blogspot.com

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